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Supremely talented creators who are blessed with unique creative superpowers

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We express immense pleasure in presenting this article featuring all our wonderful creators, to whom we are thankful for sharing their work with not only us but also the world. It's because of what you create, we are able to form true connections with people near and far.

We have grown as a platform in the past few days and we could not do it without your support and thoughtful engagement with what you make. Our mission is to promote you and help you succeed as creators, and we are here for you always!

So here is a short introduction with our creators.

  1. Abhinanda Saikia

City: Guwahati

1) When Did you start?

I started vlogging in my channel Abhinanda on YouTube from the past one year that’s 2019 but became a regular Youtuber, producing one video per week from the month of August 2019.

2) You are good at?

Singing, Poetry, Acting, Anchoring, Script Writing

3) What art/singing means to you, surviving in the world dominated by TikTok crap?

Music is simply meditation to me. It the greatest form of peace one can attain. It is the best source of inspiration for any artist. Having received the gift of music from the Almighty, I personally always try to serve the world around me through good music and generally compose mashup of those songs which the world needs to listen to and protect more. I believe all good musicians should come together and promote good music more and more soon or the world will get completely filled with all sorts of crap music in the name of remix and plagiarism with the remake of old golden songs into new ones which sounds the worst. India is a country known for its art, dance, and music and it is the responsibility of all artist to create something new, something fresh and something beautiful in the name of music and or any form of art and also try to preserve the Indian roots as well and not get completely carried away from western culture and pop. Also, not only the artist, it's my plead and also an expectation from the viewers in India to not just debate about the loss of good music but at the same time show it in action by listening and promoting good music.

Instagram- @abhinandaofficial01

Facebook- Abhinanda Saika



  1. Saurabh Verma

City: Ranchi

1) When did you start?

I have started my musical journey in 2010

2) You are good at?

I am good in music.

3) What does art/singing mean to you, surviving with quality content in a world dominated by TikTok crap?

Singing is my life and music is everything for me because I am a professional artist. Everything I have got is from music. Love, respect, money everything. I have done my first Bollywood debut song with one of the best Bollywood singers who has sung many songs like -ankh lad have, makhna, jaannisar, and many more... I have a band (BANDISH)

Instagram- @saurabhvermaofficial_

Facebook- Saurabh Verma

YouTube –


  1. Riya Gupta

City: Ranchi

1) You are good at?

I own a crafting business named Something Special.

2) When did you start it?

I’ve been running since October 2017. I grew up watching my father making varieties of crafts, projects and whatnot. I used to sit beside him and watch him making wonders. He is one of the biggest reasons behind what I’m today. I used to gift my friends and family handmade cards and gifts and after some time they suggested me to start a business for the same. I was quite nervous thinking will it work, what if I fail but with their constant support and love, I’m reached so far.

3) What does art/singing mean to you, surviving with quality content in the world full of TikTok crap?

For me crafting is my life, stress buster, source of happiness, and especially my identity. Nowadays competition in the market is so fierce and but what makes you successful is your effort to provide quality products to your customers and

to improve yourself. Art is something which is limitless you can daily learn something new. So I always try and learn new techniques and improve my work. One has to be consistent with their work to become successful because building a business takes a lot of time and hard work.

Instagram- @somethingspecialofficial

Facebook- Official: Something Special


  1. Payel Halder

City: Dimond Harbour

1) You are good at?

I’m a Bengali girl, Payel Halder from Diamond Harbour. It’s not a city just a town beside Kolkata. I’m now going in 2nd yr student of computer science of Future institute of engineering and management, sonarpur(Kolkata). Art is my hobby.

2) When did you start?

Actually it’s from the time of childhood. When I was in school maybe the age of 5-6. I was too little then it’s not possible to start a YouTube channel. In this quarantine, I made a plan to start YouTube channel to show off my creation of art. I’m not a professional artist. I just want to do my choice. In this field, there are many famous artists than me. I’m just new in this field.

3) What does art/singing mean to you, surviving with quality content in a world full of TikTok crap?

In today’s fashion TikTok is a trending topic. But I don’t think that it can not dominate our field of creation. That’s his/her own choice to use TikTok for good or bad work. I don’t think to do overthink this topic. As social media users, they should know what is his/her taste as they are adults. That should not be our topic to discuss in the creative field like art sing etc.Thank you for giving me a chance to share my story. Thanks a lot for the free promotion of my creation. Show love & keep supporting me.

Instagram (creation Id)- @_my_w_a_y_

Personal Instagram Id - @_4_e_r_a_r_i_

Facebook- MY WAY



  1. Mayur Mayank

City:- Ranchi

1) You are good at?


2) When did you start?

Well, I am associated with music since school days when I was in class 7th. I always used to participate in group singing on independence day and republic day. Hence, I got into my school choir group until I passed out from there. After that, due to studies, I had to take a break. I resumed my music again in the first year of college after performing in my fresher’s. I learned music from my guruji but after 1 year I had to leave due to some inevitable reasons. But then I kept practicing. I am good at singing and also learning guitar by myself. Singing I something which imbibed in me since birth. My mom, my nanu used to sing, so it's there. Now it's my passion, although I am preparing for a competitive exam yet I am doing music side by side. I try to learn ad much as I can from various sources related to music.

3) What art/singing mean to you, surviving with quality content in a world full of TikTok crap?

In today's world of TikTok and other media, platforms quality matters the most. Originality is always preferred to be it your voice or your face. You can’t fake something for very long. Be real and true to yourself and whatever God has gifted you sing your heart out with all emotions and you’ll see the miracle power of originality.

Facebook-Mayur Mayank

Instagram- @mayur_sings


  1. Gaurav A.


1)You are good at?



  1. Abhishek Sagar

Facebook- Abhishek Sagar

Insta- @neutrino_stardust

1) You are good at?



  1. Anny Singh

Instagram- @anny.singh.7739

Facebook: Anny Singh


  1. Thejaswi Nayak

Facebook- Thejaswi Nayak

Instagram- @thejaswi_nayak


  1. Mohit Gakher 

Instagram- @mohit_gakher


  1. Amrita Gupta

Facebook- अमृता गुप्ता

  1.  Harsha Singh

Sunita Singh's Facebook Id- Sunita Singh


  1. Nupur Priyadarshi

Instagram- @court.ofcolurs

Story by Shrutika Shrivastava

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