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Mentally affected by pandemic? Here are some tips to make your mind a better place!

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Mentally affected by pandemic? Here are some tips to make your mind a better place.

It is so easy to be drained mentally, specially in these times when there is so much going wrong in the world. The pandemic has turned the world upside down. And so is the mental health of most people. It can easily have  us going all negative about life and sink us deep. 

If you’ve been feeling lonely or sad in the present situation, you have landed on the right page. We have jotted down some tips that can help you make your minds a better place, amidst the chaos that is around the world

1. Live this Moment! 
Yes. We’ve heard this all our lives, but makes so much sense in the current situation Right? Nobody knows what the future will be, and how our lives will change after the pandemic. Everything is so uncertain, that there are high chances of failed plans and crushed expectations. So, don’t worry about the what your life is going to be like. Be grateful to the life you have. Live this moment!

2. Bring out the best in you!
Learn a new skill, take your hobbies to next level. Write down your thoughts, and build your routine. Rethink on your bad habits and bring about a change within yourself. Cook a meal for yourself, may be clean your messy room? Or Arrange your wardrobe. It’s the best time to build yourself, while the world heals

3. Make a bucket list! 
As I said earlier, future is so uncertain that at some point it scares us. So, let’s make a bucket list of things we want to do before life ends. With every other person dying , life gives us a second chance to think about what we really want to do for time that’s left with us. So make that list now! 

4. Tell them how much you love them! 
The world and the people need more love and compassion than ever before. It is so heartbreaking to see so many people losing their loved ones. The thought of which is so terrible! If you still have a family and dear ones, you’re still the lucky one. So send that text now. Make that phone call and speak your heart out. Say “I love you” say “I always missed you”. It could be your parents, your friends or anyone that you want to remind that you care for them.

5. Help as much as you can! 
The entire humankind is suffering, in every way possible. We have seen people lose jobs, businesses and loved ones. It is the duty of every Human to help each other. Donate and assist as much as you can. Show empathy and be kind. You never know the battle others are fighting. Here is the time. Because, You can bring a change. You can inspire. You are important to this world.

Have a wonderful day ahead :)
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Story by Thejaswi Nayak

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